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A “flatters everyone” creamy mauve

Product Details

  • Hydrating, conditioning, anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and SPF 15 lip gloss formulated with only the purest ingredients.
  • Natural & Organic Ingredients
  • Anti-aging, Antioxidant, Anti- inflammatory
  • For all skin types
  • SPF 15 using NON-NANO zinc (physical sun block—no chemicals)
  • Our lip gloss containers have been specially manufactured with a UV inhibitor to protect the SPF of the product
  • Made in California
  • No gluten, toxins, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, lanolin, petrochemicals, silicones, or secrets
  • Gluten Free Certified
  • Cruelty Free Certified

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Net Wt. 0.2 oz | 6.5 mL


  1. I love this shade because it’s so true to my own lip color, only so much better! I like the light texture of the gloss because it is rich without feeling sticky and the color does not fade away. What I appreciate the most is the attention given to using healthy ingredients.

  2. I am loving Social Paint lip gloss!! What has been a perpetual “achilles heel” for me in buying different brands is they have been sticky while drying my lips out and i am so grateful that SP Gloss is the opposite. I don’t need to reapply constantly or check for it on my teeth because it really does the opposite. It stays put and always feels like it’s providing wonderful, natural moisture to my lips.
    Being in my 50’s, my favorite color is Pucker, i use it day and night as it is the most versatile, age appropriate and complimentary for me!!

  3. This a great color to wear when you just want to brighten up your lips in a subtle way. It brings out your natural lip color making them look naturally flawless.

  4. Love this natural color! My go to for everyday.

  5. Pucker is my choice! What I love about this lip gloss is the texture, the taste and the color , it simply blends with my lips! I am giving you 5 stars for your dedication and investment to a high quality health product!

  6. I love Pucker! Adds the perfect amount of color to my lips. And I love the way it feels – not sticky at all.

  7. So glad I have my gluten free plus my lip gloss sunscreen all together!!!! and no worries about bad chemicals around my face!!!! Pucker is for me!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  8. Pucker is a great, moisturizing neutral gloss. You can go natural or add it to other lipsticks or liners and they all mix really well. I’ve never thought about the need for sunscreen or avoiding toxins that we are actually eating and absorbing from our cosmetics. Bravo on a natural ,gluten free, cruelty free, spf formula.

  9. If you have been searching for the perfect everyday color, you’re in luck! Pucker gives your lips just the right amount of color. It looks good, feels good, and lasts. You won’t regret choosing Pucker. I certainly don’t!

  10. I love this nude, natural, creamy color. It compliments my casual day to day life perfectly.

  11. Pucker is my everyday shade, adds just enough color, goes with everything. I can make it brighter by putting on a liner first and layering. For anyone who does not know, these lip glosses are beyond incredible. Totally completely clean and safe (ladies, you are ingesting toxins with standard brand lip glosses and they are starting to find these toxins in liver biopsies!) Sunscreen (SAFE sunscreen not chemicals! ) . Gorgeous colors that work on everyone (Really, I give them to my very diverse group of friends and every single one works for every single skin tone.) Enough pigment to give them some real staying power. Gloss (but not tacky cheesy glitter), just gorgeous shine. They last but don’t dry out your lips, they are so moisturizing! And again, safe! (I am just such a strong believer in safe, clean products (Former ICU director here so I actually know the science behind this stuff), and this product is a complete winner!!!!

  12. This is so pretty! I don’t wear a ton of lipstick but I don’t like that tacky sticky feeling. Social Paint is the only lipstick in my everyday beauty arsenal…I love the color and it does not stick to my hair! I really love that it is made with natural ingredients and that it is completely cruelty free too. You will love Social Paint!

  13. What a delightful lip gloss! Very subtle color that brightens existing my lip color without being overwhelming. Wonderfully soft feel. Will plan on stockpiling this one for sure 🙂

  14. Such a perfect nude! This is a great day to night gloss. Such a subtle color, but has enough pop to pull your look together. Love the added benefit of SPF protection. I put so much effort into my daily SPF routine for my face but always forget about my lips. Problem solved!

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